Check out the most frequently asked questions about The Painters HERO!

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  • Is there any age limit to watch The Painters HERO?
    The Painters HERO is a fun and entertaining show for people of all ages.
    Free entrance for infants under 36 months, but seat is not provided. For free entrance, parents should carry certain certificate (ex. passport, medical insurance card) to prove age of child.
  • Can I get a discount? How can I apply discount coupons?
    You can check discount options through online ticketing websites. All discounts or coupons can be only applied in advance through online booking or booking by phone. For coupon discounts, you should bring and suggest your coupon when you pick up your tickets (If you forgot to bring your coupon with you, then full price will be charged). Be sure to make a reservation in advance, if you want to apply coupon discounts as on-site discounts are not allowed.
  • Does The Painters HERO Theater have wheelchair seats?
    Seoul Jongno Theater: No wheelchair seats assigned but wheelchair can be positioned on the first floor to watch the show.
    Jeju Theater: 8 wheelchair seats available.
    Please contact us in advance so we can better assist you.
  • How long is The Painters HERO performance?
    The show lasts for 75 minutes without intermission.
  • Until when does The Painters HERO perform?
    We won’t stop performing until we meet everyone in the world! The Painters HERO performs everyday, all year round.