Must see performance in Korea, The Painters HERO!

The Painters HERO stimulates creativity and infinite imagination!

Specialized show can be arranged at designated time for all types of student groups(kindergarten, elementaryschool, middle school, high school, etc.).
Every students can enjoy innovative art performance and diverse art techniques, such as croquis, marbling, décalcomanie, stencil,etc, that students learned from art class will be presented live on stage in magical way! The Painters HERO also prepared special work experience program to expand understandings on culture & arts industry/professions.

Find the hidden art technique and
scientific principle  from each scene!

(1) Marbling Art: Simple fact that oil and water does not mix together!
(2) Dust Drawing: Using invisible glue and sand as an art medium, a huge piece of art comes to life!
(3) Light Scratching: Graftage techniques with lights and shadows!
(4) Audience Participation: Stencil trick to bring out the laughters!

From 2013 to 2018, total of 400 thousand student
from 3,200 schools in Korea watched The Painters HERO!
The Painters HERO cheers the students
who dream for their better future!

Specially customized opening
& closing of the show

Customization based on school preference makes the students feel closely related to the performance

Students can join the actors
on stage

Maximize joyful moments
with interactive scenes

Special photo session!

Take photos with actors and masterpieces
to cherish the memories

Autograph sessions at the lobby!

Get actors’ autograph
on exclusive The Painters HERO merchandise!

* Special photo session and work experience program can be arranged only after previous negotiations

Inquiry on Student Groups Reservation  Hyoung Gu Lim
Tel  +82-(0)2-766-7848    Mobile  +82-(0)10-5478-0982    E-mail

Inquiry on Student Groups Reservation
Hyoung Gu Lim
Tel  +82-(0)2-766-7848
Mobile  +82-(0)10-5478-0982