The Painters HERO, praised as one-of-a-kind show! Internationally acclaimed art performance!

The Painters HERO, praised as one-of-a-kind show!
Internationally acclaimed art performance!

Performed over 19 countries and 122 cities!





12016.09.24 ~ 09.25ChinaTianjinTianjin Tour
22016.07.30ChinaChongqingPerformance at Chongqing
32016.07.22ChinaTianjinPeformance in Tianjin, China
42016.07.09 ~ 07.10IranTeheranK-Festival in Teheran, Iran
52016.06.30KoreaGoyangIlsan Kintex MICE Event (LCGGES 2016)
62016.06.28ChinaXi'anIncentive Road Show
72016.06.10 ~ 06.11SingaporeSingaporeSingapore Tour
82016.06.10KoreaIncheonKOREA MICE EXPO 2016
92016.06.09KoreaIncheonKOREA MICE EXPO 2016
102016.05.24 ~ 05.26ChinaTsingtao, WuhanTsingtao and Wuhan Road Show
112016.05.13 ~ 05.16TaiwanKaohsiungPerformance in Kaohsiung, Taiwan
122016.04.26KoreaSeoulPerformance at Korea-China Joint Seminar
132016.04.07 ~ 04.10IndonesiaJakartaK-Festivel
142016.03.24 ~ 04.03JapanTokyoTokyo Tour
152016.03.16ChinaTaiyuanRoad Show in Taiyuan, China
162016.03.03ChinaJingzhouPerformance at 'My Tour Event' in Jingzhou, China
172016.03.02JapanTokyoAppearance in Fuji TV 'Nonstop'
182016.03.01ChinaYichangPerformance at 'My Tour Event' in Yichang, China
192016.01.24ChinaBeijingPerformance in Beijing, China
202016.01.16ChinaTsingtaoNew Year's Celebration
212016.01.05ChinaTianjinPerformance in Tianjin, China
222015.12.25ChinaShanghaiChiristmas Special Performance at Daning Shopping District in Shanghai, China
232015.12.24 ~ 12.27ChinaBeijingBeijing Tour
242015.12.10KoreaSeoulAnnouncement Ceremony of 'K-SMILE' Campaign
252015.12.06ChinaBeijingPerformance in Beijing, China
262015.11.28ChinaChangshaPerformance in Changsha, China
272015.11.27TaiwanKaohsiungPerformance at 'KOREA NIGHT' in Kaosiung, Taiwan
282015.11.25 ~ 11.26ChinaNanjingNanjing Tour
292015.11.22KoreaSeoulSeoul N Tower Road Show
302015.11.18Hong kongHong kongHong Kong MICE Road Show
312015.11.17 ~ 11.19ThailandBangkokPerformance at 'INCENTIVE NIGHT' in Bangkok, Thailand
322015.11.12KoreaSeoulKorea Cruise Travel Mart
332015.11.09KoreaSeoulPerformance at 'Tourism Forum' in Seoul, Korea
342015.10.28JapanTokyoPerformance in Tokyo, Japan
352015.10.27ChinaChongqingPerformance at 2016 Busan Korean Wave Promotion Event
362015.10.24 ~ 25The PhilippinesManilaK-FESTIVAL 2015
372015.10.15,17 ~ 18KoreaSeoulMyeongdong Road Show
382015.10.01 ~ 10.04IndonesiaJakartaK-FESTIVAL 2015
392015.09.28 ~ 10.04KoreaGyeongjuKOREA IN MOTION
402015.09.17 ~ 09.20ChinaGuangzhouK-Culture Festival in Guangzhou, China
412015.09.15KoreaSeoulSmart Geo Expo Opening Ceremony
422015.09.13ChinaTianjinTIENS Group 20th Anniversary
432015.09.11 ~ 09.20KoreaGyeongjuKOREA IN MOTION
442015.09.04 ~ 09.06MalaysiaKuala LumpurMalaysia 2015 MATTA FAIR
452015.08.27KoreaSeoulSeoul N Tower Showcase
462015.08.15KoreaSeoulGimpo Airport Road Show
472015.07.25 ~ 09.15ChinaGuangzhouGuangzhou Tour
482015.07.24ChinaGuangzhouPerformance in Guangzhou, China
492015.07.12SingaporeSingaporePerformance in Singapore
502015.07.07 ~ 07.19ChinaHangzhouHangzhou Tour
512015.06.25ChinaShenzhenShenzhen MICE
522015.06.07ChinaHangzhouPerformance in Hangzhou, China
532015.06.04KoreaGoyangIlsan KINTEX MICE Event
542015.05.30 ~ 05.31ChinaXi'anKorea-China Cultural exchange Festival
552015.05.22ChinaGimjeGimje Tour
562015.05.22ChinaChangchunPerformance in Changchun, China
572015.05.21ChinaHarbinPerformance in Harbin, China
582015.05.09FranceNiceTIENS Group 20th Anniversary
592015.05.02 ~ 05.03KoreaSeoulC-Festival
602015.02.04MalaysiaKota kinabaluLG InnoFest 2015 in Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia
612015.01.15 ~ 01.19ChinaBeijingChina CCTV 'Star Avenue' Collaboration Stage with Idol G.P.S.
622014.11.19 ~ 11.23ChinaShanghaiShanghai Tour
632014.11.15ChinaShanghaiShanghai CITM
642014.11.06 ~ 11.11TaiwanTaipeiPerformance at Taipei 2014 ITF
652014.10.31 ~ 11.04IndonesiaJakartaIndonesia PAYDAY Events
662014.10.28KoreaSeoulPerformace at BASF in Seoul, Korea
672014.10.16 ~ 10.19ChinaHangzhouPerformance at Nonverbal Performance Festival in Hangzhou, China
682014.10.06KoreaJejuPerformance at 'Jeju Tamna Festival'
692014.10.02 ~ 10.05_x000D_
IndonesiaJakartaKorea-Indonesia Cultural Week
702014.10.01KoreaJinjuThe 7th Korea Drama Awards' Opening Performance
712014.09.28JapanTokyo2014 Korea-Japan Festival
722014.09.28Hong kongHong kongPerformance at APM in Hong Kong
732014.09.27Hong kongHong kongPerformance at opening of EGL in Hong Kong
742014.09.24ChinaTsingtaoTsingtao MICE
752014.09.01 ~ 09.05KoreaGuriGuri Art Hall Tour
762014.08.19KoreaDaejeonDaejeon Comedy Arts Festival
772014.08.08 ~ 08.10MalaysiaKuala LumpurKorean Culture & Tourism Festival
782014.07.23KoreaSeoulPerformance at BI Proclamation Ceremony of the Korea Tourism Organization
792014.06.11KoreaSeoulPerformance at Japanese Journalists Familiarization Tour
802014.06.02 ~ 06.12KoreaYeosuChina Amway Incentive Group Event
812014.05.30 ~ 06.01ChinaBeijingK-Culture Festival in Beijing
822014.05.10 ~ 05.11KoreaBusanBusan International Performing Arts Festival' Closing Performance
832014.03.28 ~ 03.30ChinaBeijingK-Nonverbal Performance Festival
842014.02.19 ~ 02.21ThailandBangkokPerformance at 'TTAA' in Bangkok, Thailand
852013.12.09JapanToyamaPerformance in Toyama, Japan
862013.10.17 ~ 10.22TaiwanTaipeiPerformance at Taipei 2013 ITF
872013.10.16 ~ 10.19ChinaXi'anPerformance at 'Korea-Chinese Friendship Festival' in Xi'an, China
882013.10.04KoreaJejuPerformance at 'Jeju Tamna Festival'
892013.09.13 ~ 09.15Hong kongHong kongHong Kong Tour
902013.09.11 ~ 09.15VietnamHo Chi MinhPerformance in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
912013.09.09 ~ 09.11ChinaGuangzhouGuangzhou MICE
922013.08.29 ~ 09.02ChinaGuangzhouPerformance in Guangzhou, China
932013.07.07JapanTokyoPerformance at 'Korea-Japan Friendship Festival'
942013.07.04 ~ 07.09Hong kong, Macao Hong kong, Macao Performance in Hong Kong and Macao
952013.06.19 ~ 06.23ChinaGuangzhouPerformance at 'The 3rd Asian Dream Cup'
962013.06.07 ~ 06.10The United StatesWashingtonMain performance for 'Aisa After Dark' at Freer Gallery of Art, Washington D.C.
972013.06.04 ~ 06.07ChinaShanghaiPerformance at McDonald's New Product Launching Show
982013.05.30The PhilippinesManilaPerformance at 2013 MICE Road Show
992013.04.18 ~ 04.21RussiaVladivostokPerformace at 2013 Korea Travel Special Fair in Vladivostok, Russia
1002013.04.17 ~ 04.19ChinaShanghaiPerformance at Mercedes-Benz A-class Launching Show
1012013.04.05 ~ 04.07ChinaAnhuiPerformance in Anhui, China
1022013.03.14 ~ 03.18MalaysiaKuala LumpurPerformance at 2013 MATTA FAIR in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
1032013.03.06 ~ 03.09ChinaGuangzhouPerformance at 'GITF' in Guangzhou, China
1042013.01.26 ~ 02.24JapanTokyo2013 Tokyo Tour
1052012.9.5,12,15KoreaGyeongjuKOREA IN MOTION
1062012.7.17 ~ 08.12KoreaYeosuYeosu International Expo' in Yeosu, Korea
1072012.12.05 ~ 12.15JapanFukuokaPerformance in Fukuoka, Japan
1082012.11.06 ~ 11.07 JapanTokyoPerformance at 'Tokyo Cultural Center'
1092012.11.01 ~ 11.02JapanNagoyaPerformace in Nagoya, Japan
1102012.10.13, 10.23KoreaSeoulPerformance at 'Hope Concert' in Seoul, Korea
1112012.09.29The United Arab EmiratesDubaiLG OLED Launching Ceremony in Dubai world Trade Center
1122012.09.22ChinaShanghaiPerformance in Shanghai, China
1132012.08.11KoreaSeoulPerformance at 'TED' in Seoul, Korea
1142012.06.23The United StatesLAPerformance at 'LOOK EAST FESTIVAL' in LA, The United States
1152012.06.13IndonesiaBaliPerformance at 'SIEMENS APECE 2012' in Bali
1162012.06.07KoreaSeoulPerformance at KITM Opening Ceremony
1172012.05.05 ~ 05.06KoreaBusanBusan Tour
1182012.04.20 ~ 04.21JapanFukuokaYeosu International Expo Week' in Kyushu, Japan
1192012.04.06 ~ 04.08JapanTokyoJapan Tour
1202012.02.25ChinaShanghaiThe 20th Anniversary of Korea-China Diplomatic Relations: FIT Festival
1212012.01.13KoreaSeoulKorea Grand Sale Opening Performance
1222012.01.06ChinaNanjingPerformance in Nanjing, China
1232011.12.23 ~ 12.25ThailandBangkokPerformance at 2011 Korea Festival in Thailand
1242011.12.07 ~ 12.08JapanOsakaPerformance in Osaka, Japan
1252011.12.06KoreaSeoulPerformance at Tourism Forum in Seoul, Korea
1262011.11.16ChinaNanjingPerformance in Jakarta, Indonesia
1272011.11.03 ~ 06IndonesiaJakartaPerformance at Opening of the Korea Tourism Organization Branch Office in Jakarta, Indonesia
1282011.09.30 ~ 10.02JapanTokyoPerformance at 2011 JATA
1292011.09.17ChinaShanghaiPerformance at 2011 Shanghai 'Korea Culture and Tourism Festival'
1302011.08.26 ~ 08.28SingaporeSingaporePerformance at 2011 NATAS in Singapore
1312011.08.19 ~ 08.21SingaporeSingaporeSingapore Tour
1322011.08.12 ~ 08.14MalaysiaKuala LumpurPerformance at 2011 MATTA FAIR in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
1332011.08.09KoreaDaejeonPerformance at 2011 Summer Festival in Daejeon, Korea
1342011.07.14ChinaShanghaiPerformance at 'Absolute Art Collection Exhibition Opening Party'
1352011.06.14JapanOsakaPerformance in Osaka, Japan
1362011.06.09 ~ 06.12Hong kongHong kongPerformance at Hong Kong 2011 ITF
1372011.06.07KoreaJejuPerformance at 2011 Jeju Haevichi Art Festival
1382010.12.14, 12.16ChinaShanghai, GuangzhouKorean Representative Performance Team at Shanghai-Guangzhou, China Annual Road Show
1392010.11.18 ~ 11.21ChinaShanghaiKorean Representative Performance Team at China International Travel Mart, Shanghai
1402010.11.09KoreaSeoul20th Anniversaty of Diplomatic Ties Between Korea and Russia
1412010.10.24KoreaGyeongjuKOREA IN MOTION
1422010.12ThailandBangkokKorean Representative Performance Team at the "Korea Festival 2010" in Bangkok