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Ticket Reservation

1. How to Book Your Ticket

Booking online: The Painters HERO website
Booking by phone: The Painters HERO call center
* Office hours: Mon-Sun 10:00am – 8:00pm (Open all day)
Seoul +82-(0)2-766-7848
Jeju +82-(0)64-745-7848

2. Booking Deadlines

Must make a reservation 1 day prior to the show
(Ex. Booking for 2nd January 2016 show: Reserve your tickets before 1st January, 23:59:59)

3. Payment

Only credit card payments are accepted

How to Pick Up Your Tickets

  • Tickets can be collected only at the ticket box of reserved theaters. (Tickets cannot be delivered)
  • Ticket box opening hours : Open 1 hour before the show ~ Close 30 minutes after the show starts.
  • To pick up your tickets, you need booking confirmation number and your ID. If the ticket was not booked under your name, please bring a copy of the person’s ID matching booking information.
  • It’s more convenient to print out your booking confirmation email and bring it to the ticket box.
  • If you purchased a discount ticket, you should present requested documents as a proof (ex. valid coupon, student card, etc). If no documents are provided, discounts cannot be applied and you will be charged full price.

Cancellation / Change / Refund

1. Cancellations Deadlines

Booking online: Cancellation can be made up until 1 day before the show.
(Ex. Booking for 30th December 2016 show > You can cancel your tickets up until 29th December 2016 before 23:59:59)
Telephone bookings can be cancelled until 1 day prior(until 5pm) to the show.

2. Cancellation Fee

Cancellation fees will be applied in accordance with period.
Cancellation fees will be applied in accordance with a show date, not a booking date.

Cancellation Fee

Period Cancellation fee
On the day of purchase Full refund
4 days before the show Full refund
3 days~1day before the show Charge 10% of ticket price
On the day of the show No cancellation & refund

Ex) Booking on 28th Sep 2016, VIP 1 ticket(60,000KRW)

Period Cancellation fees
On the day of purchase Full refund
Up until 24th September Full refund
From 25th September to 27th September Charge 10% of ticket price
28th September(On the day of the show) No cancellation & refund

Booking online: We will refund the full payment and rebill the cancellation fee; or deduct the cancellation fee upon the refund of the full payment.

There will be no cancellation fees charged for tickets cancelled on the day of purchase.

3. Changes

To make changes please cancel your original booking, and then make a new booking with your preferred changes.

Please note that cancellation fees will be applied if you change your complete booking.

4. Refund

In the case of online bookings, you can check your cancellation history with your credit/debit card companies. It will take 4~5 days for a credit card / 7days for a debit card. Please contact your credit/debit card company as each company may have different refund polices. If you bought your ticket from other ticketing websites, then cancellation and refund will be available only through them.